Atlanta Braves: Max Fried Ties Arbitration Hearing Record with $13.5 Million Salary in 2023

Atlanta Braves ace lefty Max Fried has lost his arbitration case. Fried asked for $15 million and the Braves proposed $13.5 million. As we predicted, the $15 million seemed unlikely, despite the fact that Fried has been one of the best pitchers in the league over the past three seasons.

Even though Fried lost his bid for $15 million, his $13.5 million salary for 2023 is tied for the largest salary ever awarded at an arbitration hearing. Fried ties Gerrit Cole’s 2019 record with $13.5 million.

While there have been higher dollar amounts awarded to arbitration-eligible players such as Aaron Judge’s $19 million from 2022, those were settled without going to a hearing.

While Fried wanted more (and probably deserves more) there likely isn’t too many hurtfeelings. The Braves’ $13.5 million offer set the baseline for this hearing as a record-tying amount of money. As a result, the worst-case scenario for Fried was a record tying amount of money.

Max Fried is set to enter the 2023 season as the Braves undisputed ace with a record amount of arbitration money. He will likely command a massive contract in free agency.

Will the Braves win another championship in the final year of his contract? Do you think the Braves will find a way to sign Fried to an extension this season?

Let us know in the comments below.

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