Atlanta Braves: Andruw Jones Inches Closer to Hall of Fame in 2023

Former Atlanta Braves‘ star centerfielder Andruw Jones has inched closer to earning the nod to the Hall of Fame.

In 2020, Andruw Jones received just 19.4% of the votes (75% required to enter the Hall), last year Jones finished with 41.4% of the votes. As voters have more time to reflect on Jones’ impact on the game during his prime, the sentiment is growing that he is worthy of the call to the hall.

This was Jones’ sixth year on the ballot. Jones won 10 career Gold Glove Awards

Scott Rolen was the lone player to get elected during BBWAA voting. He will join former Atlanta Braves’ first baseman Fred McGriff, who was elected via the Contemporary Baseball Era Committee.

While Jones posted phenomenal numbers with the Braves, he cost the Dodgers a lot of money for no production at just 30-years-old. Had he continued his career and been average or slightly above-average, he would have been a no-doubter.

During his 12 years with the Braves, Jones posted an .839 OPS (114 OPS+) with 368 homers. His advanced analytics on Fangraphs and Baseball-Reference declare Jones as the greatest defensive centerfielder to ever play the game. This is despite the fact that he dropped off the table after he left Atlanta.

Andruw Jones ended with 50 more runs saved than Willie Mays. Enjoy the following catch.

Is the greatness he showed in Atlanta enough to propel him to the Hall in the future? Are 434 homers and the greatest defensive metrics ever enough?

We’ll see what the future has in store. Do you think Jones will hear his name called to the Hall of Fame in the future? Does he deserve it? Let us know in the comments below!

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