Bryce Harper Makes Rivalry Fun with Stare Down of Arcia and Highly Offensive Gesture in Game 3 of NLDS

The Atlanta Braves were destroyed in Game 3 of the NLDS by Bryce Harper and the Philadelphia Phillies. Harper’s antics are catching some criticism but guess what? Bryce Harper doesn’t care.

Orlando Arcia’s Mockery Heard ‘Round the World

After Game 2 ended on a spectacular double play that saw a Bryce Harper baserunning gaffe lead to the double play, Harper came to the park ready for redemption.

Following the Game 2 double play, Orlando Arcia was reportedly overheard mocking Harper for the error, which… seems fair. “Ha ha, atta boy Harper!” Arcia was said to have boasted several times.

Bryce Harper took it personal. He wrote it on the dry erase board, he pinned it to the bulletin board, he got it tattoed on his soul. “Atta Boy.” Whatever you gotta do to get up for a big game, I guess.

Bryce Harper Stared Down Arcia After Both Homers

In the third inning, Bryce Harper hit an absolute bomb to put the Phillies up 4-1. In the bottom of the fifth with the Phillies up 6-1, Harper did it again. Both times, he stared down the Braves shortstop as he rounded second base, sending message not to say derogatory things such as, “atta boy.”

Braves Upset Arcia’s Comments Were Reported

The Braves appeared to be upset that the report got out since it was just locker room talk after a huge win and not a part of an interview. Manager Rob Thomson said in the post-game press conference, “I don’t think anybody needs any extra motivation, especially right now, especially Harp.”

He may not need it, but he used it.

Bryce Harper Makes Throat Slashing Gesture After Each Home Run in Game 3 of NLDS

After both homers, Bryce Harper made a throat slashing gesture as he crossed home plate. Braves fans on social media were in an uproar. The Braves radio broadcast voiced their displeasure over Bryce’s insensitive move in today’s “climate.”

Why Bryce Harper’s Antics Were More Fun Than Offensive

While it hurt to watch in the moment for Braves fans, you know Harper’s antics have added value to the rivalry. He has helped make tonight’s game must-see TV. Harper has always embraced the role of the villain. It’s a title he’s worn with pride over the years.

The throat slash sign doesn’t mean that Bryce Harper literally wants to murder a Braves player with a knife to the jugular. It’s just theatrics. In fact, when Phillies players hit a homer, a bell rings out through the stadium, I guess in honor of the Liberty Bell. But, if you are a wrestling fan, it sounds like the Undertaker is about to walk out.

Bryce Harper appears to be a WWE fan.

If that’s the case, then how do you not do a throat slash like the Undertaker? You have to at that point. Even, the TBS broadcast added that the game had a “touch of AEW to it.” Of course, they referenced the Turner wrestling property…

Bryce was adding theatrical drama to the game and adding fun to the rivalry. Last night, the fun was on the Phillies’ side.

You might be mad, but you are going to feel really good when the bad guy is vanquished. It’s Arcia’s turn to hit a clutch homer tonight and stare Harper down as he rounds first. Maybe spear him.

Game 4 starts tonight at 8:07 pm EST on TBS. The Braves hand the ball to Spencer Strider in an attempt to save their season.

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