Atlanta Braves News: Snit tries to be nice but gets tossed anyway. Umps are going to “feel like crap” when they see the video on this call.

Atlanta Braves News: In the second inning Wednesday night’s game against the Cubs, Dansby Swanson fouled a ball back to the backstop.

That doesn’t sound very eventful. Dansby fouled a ball to the backstop? Wait, the headline says Brian Snitker got tossed?

In case you weren’t watching, the umpire didn’t see or hear the foul ball. He thought that the pitch, which was headed on a straight line into Sean Murphy’s glove, defied the laws of physics and dove down at a 90 degree angle and bounded to the backstop.

Murphy reached for a new ball and didn’t get one. A run scored as Murphy began looking for the FOUL BALL.

Snit came out and calmly explained that the Braves had looked at the video and it was a foul. He probably said something along the lines of “don’t make yourselves look any dumber than people think you are here, that was a foul ball.”

The umps convened and shared their thoughts. Evidently, nobody saw the foul ball. Everyone agreed the ball temporarily left our dimension and re-appeared like a UFO that defies all laws of physics, with velocity in a new direction without any reason.

Once the umps gathered together and decided to make a terrible call, then Snit got his two cents. However, he was still calm. Of course you knew it was coming, he got tossed for arguing the laws of physics and commons sense.

I can’t imagine what the umpire possibly could have said after tossing Snit. I can’t wait until they watch the video later… Hell, who am I kidding. They aren’t going to see the foul ball there either.

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