Atlanta Braves News: Mets Embarrass Themselves in Game 1 of Saturday Doubleheader


The Atlanta Braves embarrassed the New York Mets in Game One of Saturday’s doubleheader. The final score was 21-3 after the Mets AAAA (that might be too big of a compliment) team took the field with their heads down and took the beating Steve Cohen deserved.

The Mets entered the 2023 season with the highest payroll in baseball. SNY stated they had $364 million committed entering the season. We haven’t had a chance to see them since they unloaded Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander at the trade deadline, but their tails are sadly between their legs. I would say it isn’t even fun anymore but… Today was pretty fun!

The 2023 Mets are going down as one of the worst teams (considering bang for the buck) in history.

The Braves started Allan Winans today against a lineup that featured Pete Alonso and a bunch of Great Value major-league players. No offense to anyone on the roster. Making it to the big leagues is almost impossible and takes an immense amount of talent. However, this was not what Mets fans signed up for when Cohen doled out all that dough at the beginning of the season.

Take a look at today’s Mets’ lineup:


Anyway, Allan Winans looked like Randy Johnson today against the Mets. He pitched 7.0 innings, allowed no runs, and struck out nine.

Nicky Lopez was recently acquired from the Royals as utility bench player with an emphasis on defense. Fittingly, he was the star of the game. Lopez went 4-6 with 5 RBI and his first homer of the season. Oh yeah! AND he pitched a clean 9th inning. A regular Shohei Ohtani.

While a win is always good. Don’t get too excited about today. Just because you step on a bug in your apartment does not mean you are a better hunter than a grizzly bear.

A couple of other highlights from today:

Matt Olson hit two more homers today giving him 42 on the season. He is now in sole possession of the Major-League lead. Ozzie Albies hit his 27th homer, Sean Murphy hit his 19th homer, and Austin Riley added his 28th homer.

Ozzie Albies, Michael Harris II, and Ronald Acuna Jr. all stole a base today.

Game two will be on Fox tonight. In the first two games of the series, the Braves have outscored the Mets 28-3.

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