Atlanta Braves: Why Ronald Acuna Jr. is No. 1 Leadoff Hitter in Baseball Right Now

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Here is why Atlanta Braves superstar right fielder Ronald Acuna Jr. might be the best player in baseball right now.

Ronald Acuna Jr. is leading baseball in several categories. He is firing rockets from rightfield and scaring runners into holding up. He is an artist at thievery on the basepaths, he is the Stephane Breitweiser of baseball.

Today, we are going to provide a summary of some key statistics and information to make you want to tell your non-baseball friends that they need to watch Ronald Acuna Jr of the Atlanta Braves. He is a generational talent.

Braves Acuna Most Devastating Leadoff Hitter in Baseball

Ronald Acuna Jr. gets the games started with the bat for the Braves, setting the tone from the leadoff spot. Acuna is just 25 years old and he currently ranks 26th in all-time leadoff home runs. He has a ways to go to get to Rickey Henderson’s 81, but if he stays healthy he’s got a shot.

Atlanta Braves: Ronald Acuna Jr. Leadoff Hitter Rankings – The Stats

Here are where Acuna ranks among leadoff hitters this season as of 05/24/2023)

HRs: 11 (T-1st)

 Not only is Acuna marching up the all-time list in leadoff homers, but he’s also first in the league this season.

2B: 14 (T-1st)

The power doesn’t stop with homers, Acuna is leading the league in two-baggers.

Hits: 63 (1st) 

Tony Gwynn would be proud! Acuna is must-watch TV every time he’s at the plate. 

Walks: 28 (2nd)

You better give him a good pitch! He doesn’t waste his time on stuff outside the zone. 

Stolen Bases: 20 (2nd)

Acuna is on pace for 66 steals this season! In the video below, Acuna surprises everyone, including Max Muncy and the Dodgers.

Average: .330 (2nd)

When he puts it in play, he finds a way.

RBI: 27 (T-4th) 

Hitting at the top of the lineup hasn’t stopped Ronnie from driving in runs. Considering Acuna starts every game with an opportunity only to drive himself in (which he does well), his RBI totals are quite impressive. His numbers with runners in scoring position are excellent, as expected. Acuna is hitting .324 w/ RISP with a 1.017 OPS. 

Runs: 46 (1st)

His on-base ability, his speed, and the scary hitters behind him… he’s a favorite to lead the league in runs.

K % (Among Players w/ 180 PAs): 14.4% (3rd)

Prior to this season, Acuna has had a strikeout percentage in excess of 25%. He isn’t missing this year.

OPS: .995 (2nd)

They take an on-base percentage and add it to a slugging percentage… if you are good at getting on base and hitting for power, this stat will treat you well. See below for more details.

OBP: 419 (3rd)

SLG: .576 (2nd)

Infield Hits

Of players with at least 120 plate appearances from the leadoff spot, Acuna is second in the league in in-field hit percentage at 14.0%. Acuna is hitting .127 on hits to the infield and has a 208 OPS+ on such hits. 

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