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Brianna Augustine

Brianna is experienced in digital marketing and content creation across the web. While she has loads of experience in writing and marketing, she’s still relatively new to the whole Braves game. You can follow her journey into fandom here.

Seth Carter is the founder of talkintomahawk.com and writes about the Atlanta Braves.

Seth Carter

I have written about the Braves for HTHB since 2019, I am a former site expert for Rays Colored Glasses and finished as high as second place in my fantasy baseball league… it’s very competitive.

Keegan McGuiggan writes about the Atlanta Braves at Talkintomahawk.com.

Keegan McGuiggan

Lifelong Braves fan. Formerly contributed to Tomahawk Take and Rays Colored Glasses, writing top-notch articles that definitely reached at least a couple hundred computer screens, if that counts towards journalistic credibility. 


John “Warlord of Mars” Carter

Experienced player of baseball and a lifelong fan of the Atlanta Braves fan. One of the few who can say Nick Markakis was once his favorite player.

Alan Carpenter writes about the Atlanta Braves for TalkinTomahawk.com

Alan Carpenter

Alan was a longtime editor of a highly successful online publication about the Braves called Tomahawk Take. He currently hosts a podcast about the Braves called Off Leo’s Rocker.

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